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May 20, 2012


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Carol Bryant

Very interesting perspective and you made me realize how few coupons I clip. I do, however, love to save, and I am with Veronika on those "get me into store" savings like Bed Bath and Beyond. I love my 2 cups of Keurig tea in the morning; it's my luxury (that and buying the dog toys), but I wait for the BB&B coupon for 20 percent off to come. Interesting though, how my purse is weighed down with store cards now... lol

Mary Schmidt

I too love a bargain. I'll even use coupons, but I don't see couponing as a lifestyle. And I don't use many name brands or prepared foods. There was a recent article in the NYT, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/06/magazine/coupon-clipping-as-the-key-to-economic-rebirth.html?pagewanted=all that you'd find interesting. My eyeroll came when I saw the bottled water in the photo. Good for the two women in the article who have managed to turn couponing into a business. However, I find I save the most money when I - um - don't buy things. And, knowing how to cook saves even more. (I do get coupons from Smith's that are produced based on what I do buy, which I use.)

Amanda P

Honestly, have people criticizing the change even visited JCP? JCP does this "best deal" thing and I got a nice purse for $10 -- so I didn't need a coupon and a sale. Rather than carry coupons around, if people shop at JCPenney on their two Fridays every month where prices are "best", you don't need a coupon. However, women have been so trained by a frenzy of coupons and early bird sales, that maybe it's hard for some people to adjust. It's like you said, Yvonne, I shop at Target too, and don't ever bring coupons with me. I just assume the price is good and I don't have time to run around to 12 different stores to save 50 cents. Half the time, I forget to bring my recyclable bags in with me (sitting in the car) and that would save 5 cents per bag right there.


I agree--I'll do a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, but that's about it. I don't buy the mainstream stuff that has coupons, and organic items don't seem to do coupons. I probably wouldn't remember to them anyway.

But I think people see those coupon shows on TV and think it's really worthwhile. I think they probably need to show how much they lowered their prices or something in order to prove they don't need them anymore.

Veronika Freeman, dotcalm

I agree! As an entrepreneur time is money!

If there's an easily gotten coupon for a reasonable amount on a product I typically buy fine, I'll clip and carry it. But typically I just can't be bothered for 25-50¢.

I like easy and big savings; Bed, Bath & Beyond does it right - $5 off $15 or 20% off purchase will get me in the store - and their coupons NEVER expire! You can use them anytime!

Rebates are another annoyance - if I can't do it online I won't be bothered with it.

Glad to hear I'm not alone Yvonne! We're too busy making the dollars to trade that time for pennies!

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