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May 27, 2012


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Yvonne, I loved this... and with all that's going on with me I have been thinking about a lot of stuff a lot more lately (great grammar, I know!) I am going to add some of your 'things' to my list of 'things'


Nice article Yvonne,
you described social media and specially ‘what’s on your mind’ in a great way. There are many things you are unable to mention while they are in your mind such as love for someone. You can’t express feelings there, and I agree with you that yes! Though social media sites help in connecting people but on the same time they are dividing.

Caren Gittleman

"(maybe I was a cat in a previous life - I sure would like to be one in my next life, and I want to live with Caren Gittleman)"

Haaaaaaaa!!! That totally made me laugh!! Ask Cody if you would want to live with me! He would say "Noooo waaay!! She rations out kibble!!"

I loved how you went from topic to topic...this was so Andy Rooney-esque but without the curmudgeonly slant!

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