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June 01, 2012


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Veronica Roth

Yvonne, I'm completely speechless. I can’t find the word after reading your tribute and Marina’s writing, especially since I completed a second degree recently. How sad that a young life has been cut so short, and what a profound effect her writing seems to be having. I’m sending the link top my 20yr old 2nd yr uni CMNS daughter. Thank you for this; it makes me want to hug my kids a little tighter.

Carol Bryant

Whoa, this is even more powerful to me now and more poignant. The ending, how truly tragic. And these words will live on...

Bruce Peters

Thank you so much for writing about her and this. When I forwarded
to you I knew you would want to write about an do so eloquently.
I spoke on our radio show today about the 1970's book by Philip Salter "The Pursuit of Loneliness". One of his these back then was that our dogged pursuit on Independence would be our undoing as a society.
Marina Keegan's reminder is the importance of community and each other. Would have been a prvilege to know her.
All of this reminds me, also, that Margaret Wheatley once reported on the school that had over the entrance way.
Take care of yourself
Take care of this place
Take care of each other.
Thank you.....

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