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June 18, 2012


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I finished the article, did my usual eyeroll...and...right then and there I decided no more. I'm going to stop reading about: the GOP, Fox Noise, and Romney's campaign. And, it's not because I'm an Obama supporter (which I am). The reason I'm going to do my best to ignore the GOP, Fox and Romney is that I'm done with hate, ignorance and stupidity. I'm simply not going to waste any more time

Peri Pakroo

I'm in the same boat Mary. I do care (a lot) about issues and policies and yes, even politics in terms of what's happening legislatively and such -- but I can't STAND the meaningless petty drama that's peddled on CNN, Fox, and basically all network mainstream TV. I'd rather watch the Real Housewives for manufactured drama than hear about what stupid things Romney said, or Rush Limbaugh, or whoever. (One thing you can say about Obama, he doesn't say a lot of stupid things, does he?)

Anyway, I sometimes find it a little depressing that I'm becoming one of those people who "hates politics" but the truth is I don't hate politics, I just hate the meaningless dialog that it's reduced to on TV. Which is what most people end up talking about. Ultimately it's just really boring isn't it?

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