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July 23, 2012


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Shane knight

Give some time to yourself do daily chanting and have belief in superpower that someone is there for us and everything will be on there way without any hurdles


Jessica... It has been an eye opening experience to learn that I am more productive when I do one project at a time as I'd always been the queen of multi-tasking.

Donna, I hope you can learn to live in the moment (I hope I can, too!)

Mary, I love the way your friend signs his emails. I just now wrote on a sticky note "Live in the Now" and stuck it to my computer!

Carol... I started a rule of no phones at the dinner table. I was one of the worst with having to check emails and texts during dinner. Jeez.. what a waste of precious time with the kids. I've learned to turn them off and asked them to not check messages while we're eating.


This is a wrong assumption that multi-tasking lead you to be more productive rather you need to take out some time for yourself as well as for your family (if you are not single yet) to be more productive. It will keep you healthy as you will be enjoying other colors of life too.

Mary Hunt

A friend of mine with cancer goes in 8 week stints between the body scans. He signs all emails with "Living in the Now."


The only times I'm really 'in the moment' are when I'm with my 7 year old nephew, which isn't often enough, and when I'm giving my cat 'quality time,' which fortunately is several times a day. I meditate and practice shamanism, but so rarely these days - it's been months. I need to get back on the horse. If "God dwells within me as me," I must be making him dizzy!

Carol Bryant

THIS is such a timely post. Through my own share of crises, loss, and then ultimately rebuilding, I have learned to schedule down time and fun time. Life cannot and should not be 24/7 work.

Having lost ones I love, I have also learned how tenuous and fleeting life is. I followed a career path I was much to afraid to follow for so long. Failure would have been not following it. I look forward to being away from the computer and turning the e-devices off to be with family.

It's tricky but can be done with focus.

Thinking of you and your positive can-do attitude, Robbi.

Donna Michaels

Hi, Robbie!
I've always been somewhere in between. I'd have a schedule, but a loose one. Raising four kids tought me to be flexible in my plans. lol Things never went or go as scheduled.

I think living for the moment is a great thought and something I shall try to do more often.

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