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August 20, 2012


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One of the screwiest parts for me is that there never were any "cowboys" in the romanticized sense from our TV and movie shows.


Thank you for the additional information,Peter!

Andrew Mayor

Unfortunately I'm in this situation as I missed my offer by two grades but am still being considered... Is there is a deadline by which the universities have to reply to those of us in limbo by? Thanks :)

Peter Dudley

I do indeed blog, and I encourage anyone who does also to look into Networked Blogs. When I post to my blog, Networked Blogs picks that up and auto-posts the title and link for me to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. (Maybe LinkedIn, too, but I can't remember. Shows how much I use LinkedIn.) It's a good way to have longer stories that you can tease via Twitter and Facebook (and other places).

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