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Friday Musings - No Politics

by Yvonne DiVita <<< We're making friends on Facebook. Join us. Invite some of your friends.

I'm certainly not done talking politics but for today, let's not go there. 

Let's talk women. Let's talk children. Let's talk Moms and Dads and pets. 

Here are some great photos about all of those - because photos are great ways to feel the connection to other people. When you see a simple photo, like those shared here, you don't wonder if the people (if there are people) are one party or another. You see them as people. When you see pictures of animals, especially our pets - generally dogs and cats - you know they are not caught up in the politics of life. They merely want to love and be loved. Oh, and they want treats. Like kids.

I will say I am proud to know so many people on both sides of the political fence. I am happy to say that, for the most part, these are people who try to engage in open, honest conversations on Facebook and elsewhere. I wish more people could do that. I wish the answers were easier. In the end, I feel as if it's time to step back for a day or two and cherish the good in our lives - kids, parents, pets. 

My Mom... before she became a Mom, I think. She's amazing.

Me, my two older sisters, and my Dad. He was SOOooo handsome!

The baby granddaughter almost two years ago. "She said what?" is how I caption this.

 The 'teen' granddaughter, Miah, at a recent dance competition.

Emily, hound dog, with our recently passed kitty, Pandora (who is intent on escaping)

Our Olive, despairing of ever seeing Onyx again (this was at BlogPaws in our room... Onyx had left to go for a walk with Miah, I think)

Chester, my boy (hound dog who does bay when the doorbell rings)... agreeing that we provide love, treats, walks and a comfy place to sleep.

There you go. I have tons more and will share them another time. 


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caren gittleman

I soooo enjoyed these! Loved the one of your Mom!

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