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August 23, 2012


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Caren, I completely understand. I struggle with it almost daily. It's hard to turn something away but I, too, have had to learn to not work for free -- no one would ask a CEO to come to work and run a company for free, right?

caren gittleman

I am so grateful for this that you wrote: "What I do know is that I won't keep working for clients that don't either pay me what I'm worth or value what I bring to the table."

I have been sitting here for the past two hours beating myself.

I was contacted by a woman from Linkd In who has a dog related website. She approached me to write something on her site approx once a week. (she claims she asked 5 or 10 other bloggers too) I asked her what she would be paying...the answer was "ZERO"...not even product. I had originally said yes, then I remembered words that Yvonne keeps beating in our heads to "STOP WORKING FOR FREE" that bloggers have a powerful/valuable voice, that we should be PAID for our services. While this woman's site was created for noble reasons, for once I had to think of MY TIME...how I have to maintain two blogs that I often don't have time for, and how someone contacts me who I don't even think READ my dog's blog and wants me to write for her for FREE????
I wrote her back and told her what I bring to HER equation...and I am wondering just exactly she brings to MINE.
I still feel sort of bad but I must start believing that I am WORTH being paid!
Sorry I rambled but this just happened today

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