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September 21, 2012


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Carol Bryant

I will never ever venture outside the home again for work. I did that for long enough and did not like it. For me, location does not matter if the job gets done and the work is done right. Plus I love what I do, so this is my passion and mainstay. I do not feel obligated, I feel motivated.


Caren, it is hard to not do all of the obligations first... my recent health stuff has made me change my focus, though.


Thanks Veronika for posting! I've been trying to put at least 30 minutes of ME writing time every day... not much but a start, right?

Veronika Freeman, dotcalm

Another confirmation that I need to put MYSELF and MY NEEDS on my to-do list!
When we feed our inspired energies we create more energy - and our clients befit from that also.
Let's all start putting ourselves on the list for at least 10 minutes (heck - shoot for an hour) of ME-time!
Thanks, Robbi, for reminding me to set that goal for myself.

caren gittleman

Have to say I am a little bit of both. But like you, doing what I do from home I wouldn't trade for the world! There is more that I need to do for ME that I'm not doing yet...but I will!

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