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January 06, 2013


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I watch the Shark Tank all the time. I agree no one has yet been able to show/prove to the Sharks the power of the pet services and products purchasing public. Too bad. There are a lot of entrepreneur out there with things to help us pet parents/bloggers. Maybe 2013 will be the year that Sharks and Pet Business form a partnership? I really hope so.


Kristin Elliott- Doodie Pack

Still going to pitch to the Sharks. Third time is a charm!


Kristin Elliott- Doodie Pack

I must agree, this gal for Hot Tot was awesome, for the very reasons Yvonne described. She was poised and prepared! I give her a great deal of credit and her pitch gave her credibility!!! She wasn't intimidated, and that was the difference maker.
The sharks really haven't caught on to the power of the pet industry. Interesting because they light up, as we do, when a dog enters the room!

Carol Bryant

We love Shark Tank and I concur - the sharks do not get it - what the whole pet product market is about; the $53 billion spent in 2012, the sell out crowds at BlogPaws conferences, pets as family members, etc.

They are missing out on many opportunities.

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