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March 05, 2013


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Totally use social media to network. I try to be personal in my correspondence to avoid being labeled as spam ;)

Meredith Dumas

Done that, done that, done that ...

Career Sherpa

Really great point! They key is to find friends/family/contacts you know, who can be your champion!


Thanks for the awesome tips.I feel Linkedin is about one's professional life.If you would not bring it up in a job interview don’t bring it up on LinkedIn. For the others, just remember your downstream audience. You might be saying something on Twitter, forgetting all about the fact that you connected your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account. Your Twitter is your freinds, but your LinkedIn is your clients, your colleagues, your boss.


When LinkedIn comes up with zero connections, I'm always willing to open things up to my Facebook friends and see if any of them have any connections in the target company. That has helped both to find an inside source willing to champion me and in some other cases to discover I really didn't want to work there. Both are invaluable.

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