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July 01, 2013


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Michelle Brown

Mondays are just another day to me,i do not do a 9-5 so i do not feel the hassle of waking up early to go to work.But i can see why many people hate Mondays,its just like getting out from your relaxed time and having to go back to a job they probably dislike.


I've never gotten the Monday Blues, but it seems like EVERYONE I know has had a really tough few months at work lately. Yes, I know we are all lucky to be employed and there are many people worse off, but I feel like everyone I know is so overworked that we are all being actually physically affected. Maybe that's why people are complaining?


When I was in a job from hell, Mondays (actually any day of the week that didn't start in an S) were a form of torture. I didn't want to get up and go in to the office where I wasn't appreciated and couldn't perform to my true potential. I knew, even then, that it wasn't the calendar's fault, and that I had to leave that horrible place.

I stumbled into a fabulous new position where I look forward to going in every day, which is great because today is day 12 without a break. That is fine because I love what I do ... and because I have much of these week off as a result.

When in a job that is a good firt, Mondays have always seemed to me like those moments before a first date begins and the full potential of the universe is still possible.

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