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Productivity While Traveling ~ Yes ~ It's Possible

By Laura Smith, Pink Torch Solutions

It happened on a business flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas years ago.  I expected the standard "yawn" activities while traveling to a conference ~ a little magazine reading (all fluff), maybe some solitaire on my phone and then generally glancing around, people watching and waiting...for the wasted time of travel to end.

But something different happened this time.

Woman on a planeI was hit with a lightening bolt of genius that just seemed to come out of nowhere.

I only had a tiny notebook with me but I was furiously writing down marvelous idea after marvelous idea.

The funny thing is: I know that this never would have happened with my butt sitting in front of my computer.

Since then, it's happened over and over and over ~ every time I travel.

Has this ever happened to you?

Here are a few tips to get your travel mojo started:

1. Become aware of all the pockets of time you have while traveling.

These include time at the airport (layovers, waiting for plane to board), time actually in the air, downtime in your hotel room and often even meal time.

2. Know yourself and which tasks are best completed during this time.

For instance, I become a creative maniac when I travel.

For you, it may be getting some reading done and/or learning about something you've been meaning to get to but just haven't had the chance.

Also, it can be attending to the minutiae of your business ~ the little things that need to get done and have been piling up.

3. Make a plan, My Dear.

Decide what you'd like to get done.

Have that project available with you.

For me, I grew up in the "good ol' days" when notes were taken on actual paper and written with a pen. *Gasp* This is still how I best produce my creative writing. Therefore, I always have a notepad with me when I travel.

If my project is an article I want to get out, I'll have my laptop available and sign in to the online service in-flight and get 'er done. It feels soooo good to get ahead of myself in this way by tending to my business while on a plane. Who knew?

While traveling, it's best to work at a leisurely pace. There's no pressure to complete anything. Go easy on yourself, Sweet Stuff!

4. Celebrate your awesomeness!

Woohoo! You are an amazing woman. You take care of business. Let it sink in. It feels good to use these pockets of formerly "wasted" time to become a productivity wizard.

So next time you find yourself in a travel situation, why not give yourself the gift of a new kick-butt habit? Try this out. Make it your own. Be the brilliant entrepreneur that I KNOW you are.

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