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There is no spoon

by Yvonne DiVita

"Create something unique. Something that can't be copied," he said.

The audience leaned forward, eyes and ears intent on his words. He paced across the stage, first to the right, then to the left. He jabbed the air with his finger, as if pointing out the seriousness of his advice. He joked about his cat and laughed with the general assembly.

The seminar was about succeeding in a complicated world. A world made smaller and smaller by social media. How do you get around the noise? How do you get seen and heard, a strong voice among so many others? 

You create something unique. Something that can't be copied.

I submit that you ARE something unique, that can't be copied. Therein lies your challenge. How to tap into the essence of your being that stands above all others.

Is it your humor? Tap into that. 

Is it your intelligence - your way of understanding what others find confusing? Embrace it.

Is it your flexibility? Can you take a bad situation and turn it upsidedown, because you see the possibility beyond the error? Accept it.

Things you do can be copied, but you can't be copied. Funny-baby-Frankie

You can be improved - we can all be improved. Always be in learning mode (what am I supposed to learn from this?)... always be open to suggestion and teaching. Build on the learning you gather as you move through the day to day world of your life - take each instance and see it for the endless possibility it is.

See within the bubble of your life - all the gladness you create; for others. Let the worry fade away; you will endure it, we all do, but don't dwell on it. Know that you are unique among all others and your true essence cannot be copied.

We watched the Matrix the other day. One scene struck me with amazement and insight. "Do not look at the spoon," the child told 'the one'... (who was sure he was not the one, by the way)... "There is no spoon. Instead, look for the truth."

No spoon.  No reality. No existence. There is only truth.

What is your truth? The unique truth that is you? The reality that cannot be copied. Can you discern it? Can you step back, close your eyes, put your thoughts to rest, allow your ears to hear only silence, while beckoning the truth to come to you? Can you?

Perhaps we do live in an alternate reality - a Matrix of our own making. Perhaps our lives exist only in imagination. Perhaps our world is only a dream. If so - shouldn't it be as wondrous and marvelous and fabulous as you want it to be?

Yes. It should. It can.

It is.

Unique and uncopyable. It is you.


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Carol Bryant

Great advice to kick off a new year!

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