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Declaring a Computer-Free Zone


By Laura Smith, Chief Firecracker, Pink Spark Systems

Woman writingSo, you've got something important to create.
You're sitting in front of your computer.
Waiting for the right words/idea/creative juices to flow.
And waiting…
And waiting…
What should a fabulous entrepreneur like yourself do?
Honestly, sitting in front of an electrical screen is about as creativity killing as it gets.
So…once a day, for about an hour, do something FOR your business but AWAY from your computer.
You could: 
1. Create an outline for an upcoming newsletter.
2. Dissect a future project.
3. Brainstorm your newest offering.
4. Write emails you'll need to launch that new, mahvelous product.
You get the idea. It's amazing how much easier thoughts and ideas flow when you remove yourself from your desk.
So plan time each day to take a mini vacation to a land of creativity. I promise you and your brain will thank me!
P.S. YES ~ you'll need to use good ol' fashion pen and paper or a voice recorder for this exercise!


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