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Women. With a capital "W".


By Amanda J. Ponzar @LivingUnited

Let’s talk about women -- with a capital "W". Because there's a lot we need to say, and do, to make changes around the world. And it's more than just leaning in.

Women represent:

  • 11% of heads of state
  • less than 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs
  • only 12% of large nonprofit CEOs
  • only 15% –- or 1 in 7 -- World Economic Forum attendees

Read more of “The Hard Facts on Gender” post by World Economic Forum.

Then after the facts sink in, do yourself a favor -- take action. Follow great women leaders and organizations on Twitter –- and make your voice heard by joining the conversation. Consider running for office. Get on your local school board. Mentor a younger woman. Join a women's group. Sign up to fight human trafficking (which mostly affects women & girls). Consider supporting an increase in the minimum wage (60% of minimum wage workers are women, most supporting a family) -- though that's a controversial issue & I don't have all the facts. But we have to start somewhere.

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