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April 06, 2014


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Ivan Widjaya

Wanting will never be enough to drive you. You have to have a strong reason. A reason that's very important to you. It may not be as important to other people but that's okay. As long as it pushes you, then it is the right purpose.

Joan DeMartin

Wonderful post, Yvonne. I have seen first-hand the warmth and camaraderie at the BlogPaws conferences and know that passion, purpose and love of animals are at the heart of it!

Bruce Peters

Nice post. We miss you in our CEO Groups.
Interesting thing that much of our current work embodies mentoring to assist with the uncovering or discovering of that life purpose. Or as
our friend Dr. Thayer describes are "you had by your cause". With the counterpoint "that if you are not had by your own cause you will lilley be the servant of someone else's"
There is a lot of conventional wisdom in the "purpose" space but my favorite comes from Rilke "learn to live the questions for in the living of the questions you just, might live your way into your answer"
I believe that we are all here for a "purpose". Is it our responsibility to live our lives as if we believe it's true. Thanks for the reminder

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