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How Productive Are You?

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Do you understand the fine art of productivity? There are some tips that, as an entrepreneur, may seem counterintuitive, but they work. Because I am an entrepreneur, I understand that, unlike an employee who may just show up, punch a clock and play around on Facebook for her eight hours, I need to produce or my clients will notice that I am not producing. If I am not productive when I set foot inside my office in the morning, I don't get paid! 

What can you do to enhance your productivity? Here are my tips: 

  • Hear me out on this one... take breaks! If you are overwhelmed and stressed you can't function Picture1 at peak capacity. Take a break. Focus mentally and physicall and come back refreshed. When you take your break, take a walk or meditate if that's your style. 
  • When are you most productive? Take some time to figure that out then create productivity cycles. These cycles are based on your personal times of productivity. If you’re a night owl, then tackle the most difficult tasks then. If you’re an early bird, make certain you are ready to jump into the tasks you find most challenging at that time of the day. Knowing yourself will help you understand your more productive times.
  • Determine a metric to measure your productivity. Simply sitting in an office for eight hours doesn't mean you're productive, it just means you showed up. Business owners don't typically measure productivity by counting the hours spent in the office. Business owners measure productivity in the amount of new clients contracted, the number of issues solved for a client, the number of cold calls made, or the number of blog posts written. Your productivity measurements are as unique as your business entity.

How do you mark productivity? What can you do to be more productive while still having a life? Let me know!

Bio: Robbi Hess is a Social Wordsmith. She crafts content and writes copy for clients who know they need to blog or be involved in social media, but who simply don't have the time!


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Caren Gittleman

thanks for these great tips! I need to take more physical breaks because I sit far too much and for too long. I am always afraid if I go for a walk I won't want to work when I get back. I need to change my thinking on that

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