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July 17, 2014


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I am super excited for my first BlogHer conference. See you soon!

Donna DeClemente

Yvonne invited me to attend my first BlogHer conference which was in Chicago back in 2008 I believe it was. Yvonne introduced me to all these great women that she mentioned in this post. We also got to meet Elizabeth Edwards that year who was an amazing woman.

I am deeply grateful to Yvonne for this experience and introducing me to the blogoshpere. I'm still blogging after all these year! Thanks again Yvonne.

Jody DeVere CEO


OH my thanks for the sweet mention - BlogHer is such a great place to meet like minded women and one of those treasures is you Yvonne... I do admire, respect and adore you and the work you do !!

Jody DeVere

Carol Bryant

Girl power - I know many of these ladies through you, Yvonne!

Average Jane

THIS! This post alone should be used as Exhibit A for why someone needs to attend blogging conferences. Thank you so much for your friendship and support over the years and I cannot wait to see you again next week!

Also, I am not surprised that you didn't put my real name and blog name together back then. I was semi-anonymous at the time, although attending BlogHer and having my then-company post my blog link on their website next to my name cured me of that pretty quickly!

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