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August 08, 2014


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Mary Anne Shew

I should turn off that webcam -- you are spying on me! Except all cats here--no dogs. Tea instead of coffee. Starting at 9 am because I go to bed at midnight, 1 am-ish.

Very comforting post -- knowing I'm not alone. Thanks, Yv!


I really enjoyed your article, Yvonne DiVita. Dedication and determination = SUCCESS! You and Carol are inspirations to so many, and I applaud your passion and perseverance. NOW if I could just get Carol away from the computer, the phone, the iPad, before 2:00 A.M., I would be a HAPPY camper. LOL

Carol Bryant

Okay do you have a camera here in my house? If Darlene sees those final words about promising what time I am stopping for the day, she might hold me to it. This is so spot on and I am sharing. Bird bath cracked me up hahahah I do bird baths!

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