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Yes I have tattoos. Yes I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a model... I have been told on several occasions that everything about me is perfect for modeling if only I didn't have those tattoos ... I've honestly thought about removing them to advance ... I have put each and every one of these beautiful tattoos on my body for a reason.

Most of them are reminders ... visual tokens that show me how far I have come in this life ... I have spent years perfecting the art of loving myself fully and I have decided to not comprise who i am because my style doesn't for into the category mold of commercial model.

I am good at what I do and if a few tattoos is what's holding me back then watch me work twice as hard to achieve my goals.  ‪#‎nevergiveup‬

***And so says Jenna Rusnak, aspiring model, beautiful niece, smart woman online. What have YOU done lately, to show yourself how you feel about yourself? #womanofsubstance #womanofdistinction #womanofsignificance

photo by Hannah Betts 


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Carol Bryant

I love my tats and love that you wear yours proudly!

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