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Russia Restricts Writers - Blogger Law Goes Into Effect

Woman at deskby Yvonne DiVita

As shared on the web via my BFF Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing

Russia's Terrifying Blogger Law Goes Into Effect Today

Under the new law, signed in May, bloggers will have to register with the Russian government, allowing the government to restrict blogs it doesn’t approve of. Popular bloggers with more than 3,000 unique visitors daily will be considered journalists and will be subject to the same rules as other state-registered media outlets.

Should we ALL be afraid? Very afraid? What, exactly, should we, of the U.S.A. be afraid of? Comments are quite interesting... share your thoughts here.


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Zane Safrit

I think it's one of method versus intent. With the NSA's constant collection of our web activities, metadata of who we call and when and who they call and when, our social media profiles more than our blogs are already registered there. Then there is all the personal data we willingly share to sites like Facebook who refuse to share with us how they use our personal data or with whom they share it. Transparency doesn't apply to those who make the rules, with our permission.

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