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August 01, 2014


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Kevin Stuard

Great post. Lots of people always take these little things lightly and mess it up. In the business world, such small details do matter. The second point you've mentioned is very important. Writing unnecessary long emails is a waste of everyone's time.


Dear Tobee (Lol) Thank you for commenting. I can see how you could definitely feel my pain! Ohhh Dear Diva Marketing Blogger... now that's a title I do like!

Peter Young

Thanks for the great post. It's especially timely for me, Email is so ubiquitous that I forget to check for spelling, grammar and or typonyms... Not to mention never to press send when I'm angry...
pete Young

Toby Bloomberg

Great post Bobbi er Robby oh! Robbi.

My favorite is Dear Diva Marketing Blogger. That takes the name right out of the game.

Yours truly,
not to be confused with Tony or Tracie or Mr. Toby

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