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February 18, 2017


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Yvonne DiVita

Layla, thanks for sharing your insight. I love the "pixels and pens are mightier than sword". Keep in touch, we need your expertise as we RISE UP and take charge, at last!

Layla Morgan Wilde

History is published by the winners which is why women have been marginalized and made invisible. It's mind blowing that women were not allowed to apply for credit cards until 1974! The sands are shifting revealing the accomplishments of women in every field but credited to men. Slowly we're learning truths like the person who discovered DNA was a woman, Rosalind Franklin but male colleagues won the Nobel prize. As long as women continue to earn 70 odd cents to the dollar, we have a long battle ahead. Our weapons are awareness made visible by social media. We can't change anything if we don't know the facts. Pixels and pens are mightier than the sword. Every woman has a unique role to play and action plan. For me it's about shifting from consulting in the pet industry to empowering women using my toolbox from tarot to numerology, aromatherapy to feng shui.

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