By Amanda Ponzar Just read a great article “Coca-Cola Marketing Shifts from Impressions to Expressions” by Joe Tripodi, CMO of Coca-Cola, in Harvard Business Review. In marketing, it’s not just about impressions (audience size) anymore but rather about engaging consumers... Read more →

[sponsored content & disclaimer] Thank you to Log Cabin for sponsoring my post about updated traditions in my household. To learn more about Log Cabin Syrups (which are all free of High Fructose Corn Syrup), breakfast for dinner, and other... Read more →

By Amanda Ponzar What never ceases to amaze me is how unstoppable some women are. Take Kerri White. She not only works full-time, but on the side, launched her own business, Zettie’s Confections. Although she won’t share her secret recipes,... Read more →

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Now that the calendar has turned to December, tonight I'm attending my first of many holiday parties I've been invited to. We are given ample opportunities to eat and drink more than... Read more →