Let's Talk Kittens and Babies and Weddings

I received an email from my granddaughter over the weekend. Nothing gets a smile on my face faster than seeing a note from my Miah. Of course, I'm like every other grandmother - I dote on the precious Miah. She's... Read more →

Get Known Now - Or - Don't YOU Want to Announce that Oprah Called?

We're back. From the wilds of New York State. From the winding, dirt roads of back country America. From Lake Champlain, home of porcupines, trees, mice, trees, rain, trees, real solid American citizens (one who said he's never even been... Read more →

On the Road Again...Yvonne Talks Blogs

Last Friday at my local Rochester Professional Consultants Network meeting, our speaker discussed networking approaches - the how and why of connecting to others to help drive business or referrals. He was affable enough, funny enough, and knew his stuff.... Read more →