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April 2004

Wise Men

To quote Bill Cosby from an article in the AARP, "The wisest married men give in early. They get in touch with the wife side of themselves, and that's when they stop arguing." This blog is dedicated to all wise men. Not just the ones in touch with their "wife... Read more →

The Mom Test

My office is overflowing with print magazines--fodder for future columns on my websites, and for blog content. The variety of reading material ranges from business publications I need to review for relevant technology updates (VARBusiness, Information Week, eWeek, CRN, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business 2.0, Fast Company, American Demographics and more), to... Read more →

Excitement Abounds

Heart palpitations. Eyes that roll, blink sporatically, and shine with anticipation. Fingers that move over the curved keyboard, alive--blood flowing like warm milk-- independent of the brain synapses guiding their movement over the keys; hit this key or that key, and then backspace to make corrections. A soft sheen, just... Read more →