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Wise Men

To quote Bill Cosby from an article in the AARP, "The wisest married men give in early. They get in touch with the wife side of themselves, and that's when they stop arguing."

This blog is dedicated to all wise men. Not just the ones in touch with their "wife side" but men who recognize the women in their lives as intelligent people with the talent to be a valued colleague, a helpmate, and/or an adivsor in both their personal and business lives. I personally know a number of wise men. They are not now threatened by women in the workforce, nor were they ever envious or critical of women joining the business world. Some of these men are under the age of 30. Some are under the age of 50. Many of them are over the age of 50-- a demographic often referred to as "the good old boys." The good old boys would be shocked (and many are) at the thought of going "Dickless." But, then, they are shocked by the emerging women's market, anyway.

Let it be stated openly that my work promoting the women's market by suggesting folks go "Dickless" is not intended to insult men. It's an attempt to give Richard back his nickname. Marketing to Jane, sans Dick, is going Dickless. Dickless is a state of mind. It's a wise man who can see the benefit in that.

Apparently, Bill Gates doesn't mind giving his marketing over to women. The Chief Media Review officer at MSN is a woman; Joanne Bradford. Ms. Bradford is in charge of ad sales. She is highly supported by another wise man, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's president-CEO who, in an article from a March 29th post at MediaPost described online advertising as: "a very powerful marketing vehicle." The article goes on to say he supports Bradford's "call for big advertisers to put 8% to 12% of their ad budgets toward online media by 2005."

CNET News says that online shopping "is coming to resemble store shopping," citing a new study by Pew Internet and American Life Project that shows online shoppers comprise two-thirds of all Internet users. The study says Home Depot "gets it"--obviously deferring to women or giving some 'wise man' free hand at marketing. Home Depot recently introduced an online GIFT REGISTRY that allows folks to buy online and have their purchase shipped to the recipient, rather than limiting buyers to a store in their local area. Check out the site--this Gift Registry is center page, wrapped in a big, gold bow. (Now, who likes that pretty bow the most--men or women?)

Wise men understand that going Dickless only means making friends with the women in their lives. Dick and Jane lived in a world dominated by men who were wise in a different way, men who built strong companies that were Janeless. That world is a part of the past. Today, the wisest of them are not only encouraging Jane to join them, but embracing her thoughts, ideas, and intuition in their marketing plans. And they have finally, finally, at last, stopped calling her "Honey."

Now, what's not to like about that?


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Wayne Hurlbert

I have always hired women. I have had the privilege of working for women. To fail to recognize the talents of women is simply bad management practice. I choose talent.

Michele Miller

It's my belief that the strongest voices in Marketing to Women talk about the power of wise men. The greatest synergy is produced when we recognize each other's natural gifts and work together.

Keep it comin', Yvonne -- great stuff!

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