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A Story

Stories have been shown to be powerful sales tools. Clients and prospects alike respond to a good story much better than they respond to dry facts and figures, or sales sheets with colored charts and diagrams. I'm not saying some industries, the technology industry in particular, doesn't need those charts... Read more →

Women Bloggers

I'm old enough to remember when women joggers were an anomalie. What were they thinking? Out there on the jogging paths in their lycra and short shorts, breaking a sweat, squinting into the six a.m. sun? I can relate...there was a time, some years ago, when that was me. I... Read more →

Women with Hammers

I had occasion recently to be introduced to Bob Vila's online presence at and I was pleasantly pleased at what I found there. For those who are "home-improvemently" challenged (like me!), Bob Vila is the good looking guy whose home improvement show was broadcast on televison (TLC: the learning... Read more →

Who's in charge?

Short blog today--a good friend emailed me a horror story yesterday. She went shopping, at the mall, in a favorite store only to be denied use of the store credit card she held. The reason given--her "credit scoring" had been lowered, without her knowledge. She remembers having paid one bill... Read more →