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Affluent Asian Males

It may seem strange to see a post on that 'other' gender in a blog on marketing to women online, but let's not kid ourselves--women like men. In fact, this century is allowing women freedoms they did not enjoy in that old Dick and Jane world of the last century-- primarily, the freedom to be whatever they choose to be. What many of them are choosing to be are entrepreneurs, in partnership with a member of the opposite sex.

I always say, male bashing jokes and blonde jokes are just for fun. Anyone who takes them (or delivers them) seriously, needs to get a life.

Meanwhile, in the real world, not the one they show on MTV, but in this one, where more and more business is being done online, this headline from MediaPost should get men and women alike sitting up straighter in their chairs:

"Affluent Asian Males Ages 35-49 Help Spur Online Growth."

The article is a cornucopia of information on what these guys are doing online, including the fact that their online surfing while at work is twice the rate of time spent logging on at home.

This article is recommended reading for all... because I would bet my bippy--if I had one--that these guys have girl friends. If you read the article, you'll find out that Nielsen/Netratings (who did the study which author Tobi Elkin is reporting on) found out that some of the things these guys are doing online involves activities their girlfriends are probably part of, or at least interested in, also. Guys and girls together...pics_from_old_pc_147

Gosh, what's not to like about that?


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