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Best Buy

Sunday, May 23, 2004; article from the Associated Press which was printed in my local Democrat and Chronicle: "Best Buy launches makeover." The article reports that Best Buy, the computer/electronics store is conducting a store makeover in attempt to facilitate a "pre-emptive strike" at any problems which might arise down the line.

Considered the nation's largest electronic retailer, Best Buy is spending upwards of $50million to revamp its stores and hold of competitors (think Circuit City, but even more troublesome, Wal-Mart).

This article is worth mentioning here because Best Buy is changing their look and feel using behavior marketing---"according to the types of customers they serve." One such customer is "Jill." Jill, they say, is a busy suburban Mom. Best Buy stores focusing on her are being prepared to have play areas for the kids, and instead of loud, headache producing bass sounds in the background, they will play instrumentals or chilcren's music.

Understand that Best Buy is not focusing, or concentrating, on the women's market, that would not be a successful ploy--their market exends to all people in all walks of life. However, using Jill as the suburban Mom, is a start.

I would encourage them to think this through more carefully, however. Women are far more diverse than the "Jill" personality. Best Buy needs to start looking at business women more closely. Business women are in the market for more of their products than "Jill" is. If Jill, as they have her represented, is in the store, kids in tow, she's likely searching for home-based products. If she runs a home-based business, she's looking for other things, also. But, to single out suburban Moms when there are several other "personality" types to market to, is going to limit Best Buy's success in this endeavor.

I'm a suburbanite. I'm also a Mom. But my kids are grown. When I'm in Best Buy (which I seldom am; I visit their Website), I am most often shopping for my business. Best Buy would do well to include a woman's focus on their BB4B, Best Buy for Business, since women influence or purchase most of the goods and services in the U.S. , including those for the office supply cabinet, the conference room, the CEO's office, the sales staff, etc. etc. etc. And, when we find what we like at your store, we'll buy the same product, from you, to use at home.

Visit this link to see Best Buy's PDF on this topic, (the only reference to it that I could find online). The article itself seems to be available only in print. It isn't included on my local newspaper's site, on Best Buy's site, or at AP. Oh well.

There's a lot not to like about that! sad_face2


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