Getting Outside of the Bottle
Who knew?

Hi, Mom!

According to a study conducted by BIGreseach Mother's Day is the third most-popular holiday in the country.

According to the Greeting Card industry, Mother's Day falls behind Christmas and Valentine's Day.

The society of American Florists ranks it second only to Christmas in the purchasing of flowers.

These stats and facts are not really surprising. Moms play a big part in everyone's lives, and in the overall shopping online arena. Everyone either has a Mom or knows a Mom. As a Mom myself, I have too many children to count since all of my own children's friends call me Mom. When they call on the phone and all I hear as a greeting is, "Hi, Mom!" I am sometimes hard-pressed to figure out who it is!

This Sunday we will all celebrate a holiday that generates a lot of attention, and a lot of sales. Consumers will be buying gifts, flowers, and cards for their mothers, for their wives, and for their grandmothers. The average price spent will be close to $100. Getting these people to shop at your website for this occasion should have started over a month ago. Mother's Day specials, invitations to award gifts and prizes, and flat out copy that idolizes the mother in all of us, would have people flocking to your site to see what you have. For those who do not sell "mother's day" gifts or services a mother could use (massages, free dinners, a make-over at a local spa, a weekend at a bed and breakfast), use this opportunity to ingratiate yourself to your clients and prospects by telling us what Mother's Day means to you.

Stories. They work. I will be taking my Mom to a bed and breakfast community at Harbour Country in Michigan with me next week. I have a speaking engagement there. I'll be staying at The White Rabbit Inn, a quaint getaway that I know she and my Dad will love. It's my way of saying thanks for all their support. I also have a marvelous gift for Mom, of course. (not to be given away here)

I plan on talking about the trip on my website, so watch for more news there.

Moms of the world want to know more about you. Tell them. They will spread the good word all over the net. Imagine this email about your business, "Maureen, I hope the sun is sparkling like a summer sunflower at your place today. I just had to write about this terrific new website I found today...I was searching for a Mother's Day gift (you know how I always wait until the last minute), and I came across which has the best--greatest--neatest [pick your adjective] stuff, and they're offering free shipping, too! You have to check it out. Your Mother would love the [your product or service here]. I'm writing to my kids and giving them my gift list---the site lets me send an email to them with suggestions so they don't have to worry about shopping for me. Now, what's not to like about that?"

Nothing's not to like about that. Moms would love it, and kids would love it. Even Dads would love it. Take the pain out of shopping for Mom by offering choices, offering free shipping, and rewards for return visits. Let me think...what holiday is next? Fourth of July, yep...I bet Mom needs new sandles, or sunscreen, or a sunhat. Maybe she needs a new beach towel or a trip to Florida. You'll think of something.

Moms the world over will love you for it. Enjoy.


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