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New Blog to Visit

Blogging is the equivalent of mouse-to-mouse advertising. Check out this blog, where Lip-sticking was mentioned for its quality reading list: Thanks go to Todd, the blog's owner, for giving me a head's up. The world of blogging just gets better and better-- it's a friendly communication tool that has... Read more →


It was a dark and stormy night. No...the storm was over, the night was humid. No, no, was a quiet night, smothered in eeriness-- the kind found on Elm Street, that favorite haunt of Eddie Kruger. So much for great begininings. Truth is, it was an average night in... Read more →

Best Buy

Sunday, May 23, 2004; article from the Associated Press which was printed in my local Democrat and Chronicle: "Best Buy launches makeover." The article reports that Best Buy, the computer/electronics store is conducting a store makeover in attempt to facilitate a "pre-emptive strike" at any problems which might arise down... Read more →

The Return of Gigi

1958--actress Leslie Caron with actors Maurice Chevalier and Louis Jordon, starred in a musical titled, "Gigi." The plot focused on Gigi's aunt's and grandmother's attempts to get the attention of a wealthy Paris rake, hoping he would make Gigi his mistress and set them all up for life. In Paris,... Read more →

Smart Women Gamers's been a traditionally male dominated activity--unless you include things like Bingo. I think the women have that sewn up with brightly colored thread. But 'gaming' in today's world of Gameboys and Play Station, brings thoughts of glassy-eyed young men (teens and twenties) gazes fixated on a computer monitor or... Read more →