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New Blog to Visit

Blogging is the equivalent of mouse-to-mouse advertising. Check out this blog, where Lip-sticking was mentioned for its quality reading list:

Thanks go to Todd, the blog's owner, for giving me a head's up.

The world of blogging just gets better and better-- it's a friendly communication tool that has proven the six degrees of separation for me. Every week I meet another new blogger who is connected to someone I already know. And every week I become more informed and updated on sales and marketing online, to women and to men, through blog entries posted by my esteemed colleagues and friends-- and by many who aren't sales and marketing professionals. In fact, I consider notes on blogs outside of my sphere of influence to be so valuable that I heartily encourage everyone to venture out of their specific industry blogsphere and see what the rest of the world is saying about sales and marketing online.

What's not to like about that?


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Yvonne DiVita

Thanks, Wayne. Everything you say is so true! I am amazed at how little other folks know about blogging (and how much more I have to learn about it) but this is real-time in a way email will never be real-time.

Great to have friends like you-- virtual or otherwise.

Wayne Hurlbert

I am constantly amazed at how blogging can shrink the world. I meet many bloggers who also know bloggers that I know from other connections.

I read many blogs that have little to do with business. Okay, I read a ton of blogs. The fact remains that blogging is creating an extended community all over the internet that is spilling out into the offline world too.

As we make more more connections, and continue to network with other bloggers, good things like making friends and business contacts happen. Our circle of friends a acquaintances widens and suddenly we are connected to people we never imagined. It's all so exciting!

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