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Top of Mind

Ever since the web was born, people have spent as much time complaining about web pages taking too long to download, as they have complaining about the weather. In the early 1990s, if you were to sneak a listen to a conversation at the table next to you in the... Read more →

Who knew?

Who knew women were online in such big numbers? Who knew women shop differently than men? Who knew women exhibit distinct and separate personality traits but that at their core, they are very much alike? I knew. And hundreds of other women knew. Now, you know, if you've had a... Read more →

Hi, Mom!

According to a study conducted by BIGreseach Mother's Day is the third most-popular holiday in the country. According to the Greeting Card industry, Mother's Day falls behind Christmas and Valentine's Day. The society of American Florists ranks it second only to Christmas in the purchasing of flowers. These stats and... Read more →