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Smart Women Gamers

Gaming...it's been a traditionally male dominated activity--unless you include things like Bingo. I think the women have that sewn up with brightly colored thread. But 'gaming' in today's world of Gameboys and Play Station, brings thoughts of glassy-eyed young men (teens and twenties) gazes fixated on a computer monitor or TV screen, fingers moving as fast as the blood flowing through their brains. Their brains, of course, are consumed with the action of the game.

Thoughts go immediately to the Who's movie "Tommy" and Peter Townsend's famous lyrics, "That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!"

Time to put Peter, Tommy, Dick and the rest of the dudes in their place. Time to give Jane her due. Yes, folks, Jane is out there playing games, too. A few weeks ago I received an email from Mark Burgess of v3Networks who shared these stats on his women gamers, " Just as an FYI--our primary demographic is 40-60, married with at least 1 child. The game they play the most, bingo. Average session time is 60 minutes, 3-5 times per week. "

While Mark supports my previous comment on women and bingo, this great news arrived today from a new friend discovered via Blogging; Evelyn Rodriquez of Crossroads Dispatches wrote, "I thought this was a good recent post on marketing to women, here in
specific context of computer games." And how right she is. Here's the article from Russ Kick of Memory Hole fame, noting how Alice Taylor is rocking the gaming world, and offering the world some womanly advice on how to get in front of the women's market. It rocked me, I hope it rocks you, too!

Check out Russ's blog entry, and see what Alice has to say. I have to believe she's good friends with Jane. And Mary, Sue, Ellen, Fran, Michelle, Susan, ...yes, I have to believe, there are hundreds more like her out there. Let the gaming industry take note.

There is everything to like about that!


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