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The Return of Gigi

1958--actress Leslie Caron with actors Maurice Chevalier and Louis Jordon, starred in a musical titled, "Gigi." The plot focused on Gigi's aunt's and grandmother's attempts to get the attention of a wealthy Paris rake, hoping he would make Gigi his mistress and set them all up for life.

In Paris, in 1958, I suppose such foolishness was accepted as the norm. In the U.S., in 2004, the idea is preposterous, although it's a plotline that Gwyneth Paltrow could probably turn into a riotous comedy.

Today's post is about another Gigi; a woman living on the 21st century global edge. A woman who is not only smart and strong, but one who has her synapses around the women's market in all the right ways.

Read about Georgette, "Gigi" Dixon at DiversityInc.com, and learn how her newly created position at Wachovia, the 5th largest bank in the country, has "expanded [the bank's] appeal to female consumers as part of its corporate-wide commitment to make its full complement of financial products more inviting to all diverse markets." In the article, we learn that...

"Among her first tasks, Dixon says, is establishing a methodology and building processes for identifying those national partnerships that benefit the various geographic communities served within its [Wachovia's] expanding East Coast footprint."

As the new Director of National Relationships and Community Affairs she has the means to accomplish that goal. And, with her synapses in all the right places, it's clear she has the desire to do so. One way she's approaching to the women's market is by recognizing that, "When a woman says, 'I'll think about it,' it means she will think about it. When a man says, 'I'll think about it,' it means no!"

Wachovia is looking at the women's market with the right perspective. Gigi Dixon will get them the attention they want. When the general population is up to 52% female, what's not to like about that?


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