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Short update on my trip-- more later when the mind clears and the email box gets emptied!-- New Buffalo, MI is such a delightful place, I can't wait to go back! I met some outstanding people, small business owners who know the women's market is a valuable resource and who were eager to hear more about it. The area is rustic and relaxing. We stayed at the White Rabbit Inn-- run by A.J. Boggio, a considerate and friendly host. Pictures to follow as soon as we get them scanned into the computer. All in all, the trip was long and tiring, but the result was well worth it. A.J. made us feel at home, and the enthusiastic business owners we met prove that America is a great place to be in business for yourself. In a future post, I will write about the Women's Wellness Center.


On to some news for readers looking to tap into the women's market online. Citigroup is promoting a program called Women and Company®.

The homepage passes the Dick-e-meter for female-friendliness with a smart green background, the Why, What, Who and Join of immediate information at eye-level across the top of the page, and several pictures of women in various degrees of business or homelife. It's appealing and non-threatening. Were I not already connected to Edward Jones, with a super financial planner of my own (Susan Light) , I would certainly explore this site in more detail.

In February, Citigroup, along with Interference, Inc. launched a guerilla marketing campaign with women in green trenchcoats showing off the Women and Company logo, cruising the streets of Manhattan, handing out red change purses with a nickel inside and the advice that "Yes, we're giving money away, which is what you're doing each day you don't plan for your financial future. Women and Company is a financial membership from Citigroup. It just makes good cents."

What's not to like about that?


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