On the Road Again...
Women in Good Company

Women Who Shop Online

Day 2 of the road trip to Michigan. I know, it's not REALLY a road trip-- a mere 9 hours from Rochester, NY if we don't run into traffic, but to us it's a road trip adventure, and since--as I'm learning from my coach, Seran Wilkie at The Center for Mental Efficiency, the mind has astounding powers to influence our lives. So, I'm saying this is a road trip just for the fun of it!

Not sure about Internet connections along the way. We have a laptop with wi-fi, but who knows where such a creature will be hiding as we drive down Route Something or Other (can you tell I am not driving, nor navigating...although I believe there is a map involved and I may be requested to look at it now and then). If the weatherman is correct, we won't have anything to complain about there, but...weathermen are only as good as the day they plan. Those 'outside forces' always seem to blow a storm in when least expected.

I'm contemplating the overall message of my presentation. There will be half a dozen, or more, different indsutries represented at the seminar: hoteliers, restauranteurs, B & B folk, media, perhaps gift shop owners, and, so A.J. tells me, at least one politicain represented by staff. And they all want to know: What do Women really Want?

The short answer, I tell people, is everything. The long answer involves a few key points:

1. Women value their privacy. Have a privacy statement on your site.
2. Women buy for others more than they buy for themselves. Get this notion through your head now. It will save you lots of misery later on.
3. It's all about convenience--while I tout the convenience of online shopping, there is the convenience of offline marketing that approaches a woman by promising to help her manage her busy day, at work and at home. Build a loyalty program into your pitch, and you've made a good beginning.
4. Dr. Mom is the keeper of the home--and often of the office! Get all the information you can get on the Health and Beauty industry and use it to your advantage. We like taking care of family and friends. Show us how and we will embrace you with a big bear hug!

I could write a book on those topics alone---hey, wait, I think I did! :-) Yes, my book covers them in more detail, but every day that goes by puts new information in front of me; every conversation I have with men or women, helps me understand what's happening within the women's market online, and within the general public; and every day I read or print some new article that reports on what women want---but none of them will tell you #2 in my list. Pity. I would have made it number one, except that privacy is so important today...and so few sites know how to deal with it.

A post for tomorrow depends on wi-fi connections in New Buffalo. I'm betting on it...because I am naturally optimistic.

What is not to like about that?


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Good and needed article--it's too bad about all the typos.

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