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5 Things You Can Do Today, to Attract More Women to Your Site This Month

It's Monday morning (okay, it's Tuesday, but we all think it's Monday, so just play along), and the beginning of a whole new month. Here are 5 Tips to attracting more women to your site. Remember, more women = more sales, because if we don't need it for ourselves, we know someone who does need it, and we'll happily tell them about you if you make friends with us.

1. Put a picture of a woman on your homepage. Make it relevant to who you are and what you sell. Make sure the alt-text (mouse-over information) is keyword rich. Example: on a financial services site, get a baby boomer up there. Someone ala Susan Sarandan or Bette Midler, two very famous boomers who actively support women's rights. There are hundreds of free photos you can choose from-- your goal is to appeal to women in a certain market.
2. Post a link to the National Women's Right's Historic Park, located near me in lovely Seneca Falls. On Saturday, May 29th, the Park Service and Waterloo Library & Historic Society sponsored a grand-opening of festivities to tour the newly restored historic home where the Declaration of Sentiments, the primary document demanding equal rights for women, was written in 1848.
3. Help your visitors keep up with women in the news by adding a section on women, or a page of news links-- you don't have to limit them to women's issues, but be sure to include women's issues in them. If you are mainly local, note the accomplishments of local women. Showing interest in what women are doing will come back to reward you many times over.
4. Make it your duty to keep visitors informed on women in the news by posting articles or links to the giants we all look up to...and then comment on the information. For instance, InformationWeek, May 10th, this year, quoted Meg Whitman, president and CEO of eBay, saying, "The success of E-commerce is the success of millions of invisible pioneers in garages and spare edrooms from New York to St. Louis, from L.A. to Sioux City." She's talking about you and me. Your visitors will be interested in what she has to say--the article is all about collecting taxes online.
5. Take time today to check your site for errors in spelling. Check the text and font and make sure it's readable to your audience. This is a common problem for small entrepreneurs. We often overlook or miss spelling errors or typos--which means you need SOMEONE ELSE to read your text and make sure it's correct. We also forget that not everyone has the same tastes or abilities we do--usability, the part of being online that says you will make your site easy to read and navigate for ALL, including those with disabilities, is a big part of becoming an online success.

What's not to like about that?


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