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I don't usually make two posts in one day, but I have a question to any and all bloggers out there-- visit the link here and let me know what you think of Dave Pollard's post today (or, rather, yesterday.) It's fun, it's interesting, but does it hit close to home for generalizations on what men want? I'm curious to hear if I was living on a different planet back in the olden days before I became who I am today (I'm avoiding the over 50 issue, which he mentions in his post), or if Dave was living on a different planet.

Please comment.

Dave Pollard's blog: What Men Want.


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Evelyn Rodriguez

Hmmm, will have to think about this one. My first reaction is that I don't confuse sex with love any more - so #1 just doesn't do it for me. Good news: You don't need to wait until you are 50+ to or time-travel back to the 70's to be free. It's a state of mind. You can have just as much fun being free with Love and I mean love with capital L (not reserved for a few). Relationships don't have to be as convoluted as we make them. It can be play. Read "Mastery of Love" by Miguel Ruiz. While I don't think Miguel talks much about sex in there, he does in person and considers it rather natural. I think play is important - but I'm not personally into "games" per se. Lots of ways to play. I think Dave leaves a HUGE area entirely without mention that I know many men and women want if you speak to them one-on-one at a deep level - and it can be called purpose or calling or connection or the spiritual or 'something more' or many other words - to know we are part of something larger. What I really, really, really want doesn't even come close to anything on Dave's list.

I may be atypical but having "security and stability" (read: boring to me) never have appealed to me.

I think Dave's use of the raven may be for its familial characteristics (it's also highly adaptible and fits in many environments). I have a personal raven story - so I researched them a little 2 years ago - it's also a symbol in myth and Native American animal totems for magic and transformation.

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