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Some interesting reading I've picked up over the last few weeks. The first one is a doozy: Making Unfair Genderalizations: Columnist explores his inner woman During a recent radio interview concerning our book about men and women, the female host suggested that Gina Barreca and I ask each other questions.... Read more →

In the News

Lately, I've been attending seminars and workshops that provide uplifting, informative business information, but also offer mental and emotional support to entrepreneurs struggling to make a go of it in our uncertain economy. Each seminar or workshop lends another perspective on the best way to succeed, but all of them... Read more →

Let the Games Begin

AJ Boggio, over at the White Rabbit Inn (New Buffalo, MI), sent me this information on women and gaming, from the Christian Science Monitor: Reporter Gloria Goodale, a staff writer, in her article, "Games women play," noted that adult women playing cyber versions of familiar games such as cribbage and... Read more →

Powered by Girls

This in from Sunday's USA Weekend: "Girl-powered inspiration," an article on a new series of fiction books aimed at the tween market, gleaned from real-life success stories. The first in the series of four novels includes a mentor inspired by USA Weekend's own president and CEO, Marcia Bullard. The author... Read more →