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Regular readers of Lip-sticking know that Dick*less Marketing is not an attempt to cut Dick out of the mix. It is a focus on Jane, and how much power she wields when it comes to shopping for business and family. Jane is in charge of or influences just about every purchase made in the home, especially grocery shopping. Or, so I thought. This article, sent by my friend AJ at the White Rabbit Inn, opened my eyes!

"What men want--in the supermarket" by Marilyn Gardner, staff writer at The Christian Science Monitor, says,

"Sixty-one percent of men now do at least some grocery shopping, according to a new research by WSL Strategic Retail in New York. Two years ago that figure stood at 41 percent."

What, I ask you, is the world coming to?

I believe it's coming to the realization that things like grocery shopping aren't, and shouldn't be, stereotyped by gender. The article goes on to note that this rise in men cruising through those too small aisles of our local grocery stores is presenting store owners with a dilemma...after all, grocery stores are pretty much all designed with women in mind. Craig Mucklo, a spokesman for Safeway had this to say,

"Our core shopper is still a female. Most of the things we do cater to women."

But, he admitted that it might be time to start redesigning to accommodate the growing number of men who are taking responsibility for this family chore.

Hey, what's not to like about that?


On a separate note, MediaPost's MediaDaily News posted a neat article on blogs recently. Titled: "Study Shows Blog Readers Defy Stereotypes." it noted that 79.1 percent of blog readers questioned [were] male; 28.9 of those readers were between the ages of 19 and 30, with 30.6 percent falling between the ages of 31-40, and 34.4 percent between the ages of 41-60.

Numbers for the ladies "skew older," so the article stated. Hmmm...did they have to say it like that? Anyway, women blog in at 20 percent for 19-30 year olds, and 47.5 percent from 41-60. Go boommers! (Guess women from 30 to 40 just don't blog...???)

The true message in the article was that blogs can be profit making ventures. Apparently, of the 66.7 percent of folks in the survey who clicked on a blog, 39.4 percent donated money as a result. This is in conjunction with the political campaigns going on right now. Further on, the article said that "blog readers are making significant consumer purchases online as well." It's those boomer ladies, I just know it!

The final words of the article hit close to home. According to Henry Copeland, CEO of Blogads, "These people are really, really plugged in and consuming."

What's not to like about that?


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