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Jane Does Believe in Moving...

Jane Moves Heaven and Earth

Dear Readers, Pity poor Jane. Jane is moving. Lip-sticking is porting itself to a new physical, dirt-world, foot-path location. No changes in the blog or anything Internet connected (as long as road runner co-operates), but we will be posting from a new office, in a new location.

SOMEONE CALL ME A SHRINK! I should have my head examined! There must be small parts of heaven, and boxes and boxes and then more boxes of earth, to be moved! Is it possible all this STUFF is mine? Mind you, this is the WHOLE house we're moving, not just the offices. I work mostly from home, and that is the reason for the move...we were quickly running out of space at this location.

The move must go on. Therefore, I am setting up some generic posts for the next few days. Did anyone notice Lip-sticking's absence, yesterday? No post! Oh, the horror! I was off at a presentation early in the morning, then, back to the house/office to check email, then off to a luncheon with the board of my professional consultant's organization, then home to pack, and pack, and pack, and have pizza with my family, and induce them to help pack, too. There will be a repeat of the last part of that sentence, today. Any and all readers are welcomed to help...and don't use hundreds of miles of distance as an excuse! --I'm kidding... ;-) -- of course.

I do want to mention some exciting news items.

First, click over to the Law Practice Today online journal, where one of my favorite lawyer bloggers has posted some marketing information by yours truly. Dennis Kennedy was mentioned in an earlier blog this week, with the note that he would be posting my 5 by 5 comments as contributed to Matt Homann, another terrific, forward thinking, lawyer, as an article in this online law journal. Lip-sticking is proud to have this opportunity to give the law profession a brighter look.

The fact that Dennis and Matt are intent upon reaching the women's market shows that lawyers are very much aware of the need to market effectively to each and every one of us, not merely to a collective group often called 'the public.' I expect they are on to something big...making lawyers more friendly!

(Dennis even mentioned my Dick and Jane book...which, to my pleasure, jumped in sales rank at Amazon from over 1 million, to 56,000 this past week! This is not how many books have been reflects where I rank among ALL the books being sold from Amazon's huge database. Being in the 56,000 range is something to dance about...if only I wasn't aching all over from lifting boxes!)

Second, I want to encourage folks to click over to Wayne Hurlert's comedy, writing blog, Codswallop and Flapdoodle, where he has a link to a survey titled The Blog as a Meaninful Business Tool, being conducted by a couple of MBA candidates at University of New Brunswick at Saint John, Canada. It's a worthwhile click and five or ten minutes of your time. (reading some of Wayne's humor will take a bit longer...but, you will enjoy it tremendously!)

Do think of me slaving over mountains of boxes, some full, some empty, many threatening to collapse on my poor head. And wish me luck in figuring out the scribbles on them which are meant to identify where, in the new house, they belong. Ah, if I weren't such a bookaholic...I would have far less to move. InfoOverloadEarlyOffice

Bookaholic...nothing not to like about that! Up with Books! (brave souls may click on the picture to see exactly what my office looks like...)


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Yvonne DiVita

Never fear, Wayne. I am nicer to my books than to my poor son who appears to have broken his toe in the process of packing. He is being given one day to lie around with his foot elevated, and then...he must get back to work. (of course, if his foot is the very least he can be in the chain of passing boxes out to the various vehicles we have arranged to cart them to the new house.) I keep telling myself, "I do believe in moving, I do believe in moving, I do believe in moving."

Wayne Hurlbert

All the best in your new location. Be sure to be nice to all of your books!

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