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It could be said that women are muscling their way into the blogging universe with an unfair advantage...they're more verbal than men and actually enjoy reading and writing more than men. But, I wouldn't say that. :-)

I seems to me that women are a big part of the blogosphere, but we are equally matched with a score of smart, savvy, intuitive, and intelligent men, which makes blogging a perfect tool for communication, both social and corporate. So far in the last two months, I've read at least a dozen articles on corporate blogging, on blogging as social media, and on whether or not blogging is really the "next big thing." Well, I don't know what the next big thing is...unless it's the birth of my next grandchild, an event that none of my children is even contemplating, let alone working on...but I do know that blogging is changing the face of the Internet in ways that promise to have far reaching results.

For instance, at eWeek, on June 25th, posted this article: "Social Issues Surround Social Software." They report that,

"the social dynamics around the use of burgeoning collaboration tools such as online social networking services, Weblogs, and wikis are often as important as, if not more important than, the technologies themselves."

On another front, the Chicago Tribune wrote, on July 17th, [no link to the actual article, unfortunately...register as a member and you may be able to access it on their site], "Blogs flex muscle in 'viral marketing.' "The jist of it all is that the connectors from human being to human being are faster and more effective using blogging than any other medium so far. According to Adam Brown, director of public relations firm eKetchum,

"With blogs, consumers wield more power online. Theyhave the opportunity to reach the masses very quickly."

Wish I had more time to comment on this issue and these articles, I do have a lot I could say. But, today is actual moving day...the new house calls!

What's not to like about that?


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Here's another nice marketing-oriented blog written by a women: http://cctblog.typepad.com/. She's aiming it mainly at her clients and colleagues, but I think it's a worthy addition to any list of daily business blog reads.

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