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Tuesday morning; fall is already making a stealthy move on summer. The air is snappish -- promising more crisp mornings that welcome us out to stroll the quiet neighborhood...before the school buses begin their lumbering trek throughout the streets, screeching to a halt at every other house to pick up their little charges. I am in my basement office looking through the window at the tree in my new front yard. The grass is waving in a breeze I can almost feel through the walls...not cold, but cool enough for a sweater. I often stare out the window, mostly at the tree; it's my comfort. I wonder how many people know that in some circles trees stand for friends. Today my friend is silent. I imagine he (it) is preparing for September and the beautiful headress that will adorn him with come October. Lucky me to have such beautiful scenery to inspire me every day.

Back in the blog, today is 5 day. 5 this or that. We've chosen 5 Impressive Blogs to write about today. Not because weI want or expect feedback from them. But, because they are blogs that stand out from the crowd in one way or another. And, because Jane is female, she likes to share.

1. The first is Sheilah's World. I met Sheilah just this morning when she sent me an email that said, "Sheilah lives to shop. It's completely therapuetic :)" This, of course, made Jane very happy! We were sure there were other women out there who love to shop! Now we have proof. Of a sort. Sheilah's blog is one of those that exists purely for enjoyment, we think. The enjoyment of having a friend online. Someone who shares thoughts and photos and chit-chats about her family and even one about getting tickets to the circus. How neat is that? I think I would like to make friends with Sheilah. Maybe we could do coffee someday. :-)

2. My next impressive blog is written by, of all things, a lawyer! Those regular readers of Lip-sticking probably know that my fiance is a "recovering lawyer." He doesn't practice at this time, but he was very good at what he did, in his day. What people don't know about him is that he lawyered (is that a word? don't care, we're using it) from home -- he was a stay at home Dad! Well, Dennis Kennedy, over at Legal Technology, Technology Law and Other Musings is a lawyer extraordinaire and a very nice man. The two are not mutually exclusive, although comedians would have us believe so. Dennis isn't the only lawyer online trying to improve the image of his contemporaries, but we think he's a cut above the rest. His posts are always informative without being unreadable. I think he goes a long way to proving that lawyers, male and female, alike, are just people -- like you and me. I read Dennis's blog because it's an honest portrayl of the law. The law is something we all need, from time to time, now, isn't it?

3. If opportunity isn't knocking at your door (we think it probably is...but you're too distracted to hear it), visit Dane Carlson's weblog and get cracking! Business Opportunities Weblog is his baby and he takes very good care of it. A recent post had this quote, from scientist Howard Aiken: "Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats." Oh if only some of my clients would read and believe that, they could achieve so much more than they are now. Dane has a good thing going at his blog, where he helps folks focus on opportunities, presenting information always written to help his readers get up out of their chair and accomplish something! We can all learn from Dane's posts. I recommend a daily dose.

4. This next blog comes from a personal friend. I've spoken of Rosa before, and even featured her in a Smart Woman Online Interview, but that was before she started her blog, Thinking Thin. Rosa is doing her best to revolutionize the diet industry. She teaches people to "think like a thin person." Her blog is written to help dieters achieve goals. In a country that worships thin, you'd think Rosa would be too busy counting her cash to write noteworthy posts about thinking thin...but, she isn't. She's dedicated to the men and women she works with, and she keeps her blog going to help the greater group of us learn how to eat well, without starving ourselves. Forget Atkins or eDiets...check out Rosa. She has more personality, anyway. (and no, she did not ask for this endorsement, nor does she know we are writing about her.)

5. Last but certainly not least, for a Fine Kettle of Fish, you must visit Bob Cargill's blog -- to get a feel for someone whose notes bear noting. I was especially impressed with his August 11th Post "Like Two Sticks Rubbed Together" where he discusses the power and value of sponsorship charity funds. His mention of the Jimmy Fund saying:

We’re talking about a classic win-win situation. Which is precisely why pledge-based fundraising events are such a monstrous slam dunk in the minds of all concerned. The donor base feels good about lending financial assistance to the cause because the appeals have been made on such a deeply personal level. The gifts are made out of altruism, but sponsors are also being loyal to a friend, relative or colleague who just so happens to be selflessly participating in a physically challenging, emotionally demanding event for an almost unimaginable greater good.

His marketing advice is well worth reading, also. This blog has content that works on many levels. The links aren't there to promote Bob Cargill, they're there to help the reader. Perhaps that's why Jane likes it. That and the fact that he mentions someone Jane thinks of as the ultimate authority in marketing, Hershel Gordon Lewis. (Although HGL's website would not win a female-friendly award...that black background is fearsome! As is Hersel's countenance. But, he's the expert, so who are we to tell him he should lighten up?)

There you have it. 5 Impressive Blogs contributing their input to the blogosphere. Each in totally different ways. You'd think people were all different, deep down inside. Hmmmm....looking_glass2

What's not to like about that?


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WOW!!! Thanks a million! I appreciate the kind words...and you hit the nail on the head, my blog does exist for enjoyment purposes only :)

Have a wonderful day :)....I'll be back!

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