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Perhaps some loyal readers noticed that Jane has been missing from the blogosphere for a few days. Family affairs and business dealings have keep us hopping, and off of the computer. Having been away for a few days, I admit that I missed everyone...and bloglines tells me how much-- to the tune of over 300 blogs! However, I heartily encourage others to step away from their computer for a day or two every now and then. It's amazing...there's a whole world out there that is not involved with computers, online marketing, blogs, or even checking on the weatherbug!

Did you know that people meet in outside cafes and sip these delicious coffee-mocha drinks that make your tongue curl in delight? Did you know there are hundreds of people who think computers are the scourge of the earth and don't even check email on a regular basis? Did you know...of course you knew. Jane is purposely being outrageous to make a point. The blogosphere is a useful place, a connecting place, where consumers and business professionals can meet and talk and exchange information or just pleasantries. But, life is more than digital bits and bytes. Get out and meet some friends at your local meeting place, and enjoy some conversation about life, love, children, puppies, kittens, whatever. You'll be so glad you did.

I'm glad I did. It helped connect me with the 'world outside.' A foreign place that continually mesmerizes me; the people, especially, give me pause. They're! And they're chatting about, what else, women. In fact, there is a growing discussion off-line on the value, or the power, if you will, of the baby boomer market, as opposed to the Gen X's and the Gen Y's, and I'm not sure yet what they're calling the up and coming youngsters who look at you blankly when you tell them that once upon a time there was no Internet. Women are the topic of conversations everywhere -- and it's their buying power that is getting the attention.

It's no secret that Jane thinks baby boomers and seniors rule, and within that market segment, women wield the wallet.

Jane, no matter what her age, is a consummate shopper. This, of course, is a broad generalization, and should be taken as such. I know women and young girls that abhor shopping -- and do so only when pressed by immediate need of food or clothing -- but the vast majority of women are out there swiping credit cards on a daily basis, somewhere. It could, and should, be at your Web site.

Here's the scoop Jane promised you: the world is catching on, and catching on big! Just last week Jane received several invitations to marketing events aimed at women, both locally and nationally. One event is a bit pricey, but includes workshops with some women with credentials too numerous to put on the blog. Another event is local and promises to be well-worth the networking. Yet another event offered a newsletter in lieu of attendance, to the tune of $357/year!

Jane will report more on these events, and others, as time permits. But, once more, she must leave the comfort of her office and attend to family business. Stay tuned for reports on the women's market online, as the holiday season descends...with all the fanfare it is wont to involved.

Just who do you think is going to take the children to Wal-Mart's for Halloween costumes in September? Who do you suppose will sew their own costumes, right at home, or design and put together something so original it makes her local paper? Who do you suppose is already gearing up for jingle bells? Women. Now is the time for all good men...and their partners...and wives...and mothers...and come to the aid of their country. Prepare for Spending with Jane. shoppingcart_pink2

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What's not to like about that?


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