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5 Reasons Jane Thinks Every Small Business Should Blog

Good morning, dear readers. Jane would like to make a short announcement before posting today: yesterday Jane spent the better part of an hour turning categories on in Lip-sticking. We hope that having the Tuesday Fit by 5, the Wednesday book review (which starts tomorrow) and the Thursday interviews in... Read more →

5 Impressive Blogs Jane Thinks Everyone Should Visit

Tuesday morning; fall is already making a stealthy move on summer. The air is snappish -- promising more crisp mornings that welcome us out to stroll the quiet neighborhood...before the school buses begin their lumbering trek throughout the streets, screeching to a halt at every other house to pick up... Read more →

Meme Experiment II

A New Meme That Raises Your Blog's Google Rankings! By Nova on Weblogs This posting is a new, improved, second-generation meme experiment that is designed to spread faster and more broadly than the first meme experiment. This new meme is simply better because it's more beneficial to you to participate.... Read more →