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Short post today. Jane is swamped with business and family activities. Aren't we all? I'm continually surprised by the amount of work -- both for business and for pleasure -- that Americans try to cram into one day. In one statistic at ClickZ, Moms are "squeezing 38 hours of living into their 24 hour days."

Personally, Moms have been doing this for centuries...certainly I remember my mother doing more than 24 hours of work on a daily basis. She ran a small, corner grocery store and still managed to keep house and raise 5 kids. She had help...from the kids, of course, but the only assistance from my step-father was to mow the lawn, at least as far as I can remember. He did work in the store, also, which freed my mother up to attend to the kids, or fold laundry, or cook dinner. So, the idea that women are putting in long hours to keep the family in soup and crackers, to keep the homefires burning, is not news.

I would encourage my readers to rethink their marketing approach to include some historical perspective on women. Lip-sticking is going to contribute to your education in that area beginning next week. We are going to look at some extraordinary women who bucked the system for their day, and made a success of some business ventures that society -- at that time -- did its best to sabotage.

Our goal is to provide more insight into the current thinking of today's woman. We, each of us, came to be who we are through a web of channels that include the teachings of our own mothers and grandmothers, society's views of us, and an innate sense of being. Not all human beings are guaranteed happiness -- I'm thinking of that old saying (by anonymous) that "we are born naked and hungry and then it gets worse" but we are guaranteed the opportunity to improve our lives, if we so choose.

And therein lies the answer to your marketing prayers: choose to be successful. Choose to market to women because women rule in today's busy marketplace. Precisely because we need to fill a 24 hour day with 38 hours of work, whether or not its with a significant other at our side, or by ourselves, we need you to market successfully to us. Make it easy for us to buy your products. Look deeper into our history...into the struggles we endured to get to the places we are now. Address us with the respect and attention you most often reserve for your sainted grandmother.

Never forget that every woman is someone's daughter or granddaughter. Many women are on their way to motherhood and grandmotherhood. Those that aren't are in the aunts and foster-mothers group. We CARE for our families and friends with complete devotion. We can care for you, too. If you give us reason to.

Here are some pertinent facts about women in history...in regard to today, August 18th, compliment of About.com...facts you could be posting on your Web site:

1587: Virginia Dare born (first English child born in the New World)

1861: Selma Kronold born (soprano)

1920: Tennessee ratified the 19th amendment which gave the vote to women in the United States

1927: Rosalynn Carter born (First Lady: married to Jimmy Carter)

What's not to like about that?


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