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Ah, Wednesday. Over the hump, day. The part of the week that puts the rest of the week in focus -- anticipating TGIF!

What are we saying? Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all work days for entrepreneurs! At Lip-sticking we work every day, and lately, due to the move, we have fallen behind in our writing, which saddens us greatly. But, there are compensations...such as having a delightful new office, just around the corner (literally) from our partner and significant other. Plus, being here, being an entrepreneur, being a writer, puts us in charge and despite some delays, setbacks, rain coming in the window, we are moving forward marvelously.

So much so that we are preparing this post on Tuesday evening...aren't we the cat's pajamas?

Because Wednesday comes in the middle of the week, if one can make a middle out of 7 days, we most often use this time to share some news from our research, links that serve to show where women are in the marketing scheme of online sales and shopping, or some insight into what women are doing or thinking these days, in order to give our readers ammunition to design and prepare extraordinary marketing plans aimed at their women customers. What's that? ALL your customers are women? My, my, you are intent upon success, aren't you?

Let's see what's in the coffer today:

From our 2004 WOW! Quick Facts Book published by the Business Women's Network some interesting numbers --

The current amount of wealth women control is $14 trillion. (in America, alone!)
Women account for 88% of retail customers in the United States.
Women wear more than 90% of items such as jewelry and perfume. (Jane prefers Chloe perfume, and sparkly jewelry...in gold or white gold, thank you.)
Women are responsible for purchasing $44.5 billion in office supplies.

From the Center for Media Research:

Demographic data for current events and global news (from Nielsen/Netratings NetView):

The audience logging on to view current events consists of 52% females, 48% males.
Those in the 35+ age-group were the most accounted for, with the biggest percentage coming from the 45+ age-group. It's those baby boomers, again!

And, to round out our news, we have this article from the editors of American Demographics, a Demographics Alert, Tuesday, July 20th:

"The Influential Female Shopper."

According to the article, quoting from Scott Marden, director of marketing research at Vertis, a marketing services firm, "A lot of women are playing a greater role in typical male [dominated] roles, and vice versa for men."

"Additionally," according to David Myron, author of the article, "the female presence is making itself more apparent in ways never seen before at Veritas. The study, which polled 3,000 randomly selected participants across the U.S., marked the first time for Vertis that the percentage of female shoppers exceeded male shoppers, 51 percent to 49 percent."

Kudos to Vertis, but those numbers are old news. Jane predicts that this year, this holiday (didn't catch me today...I'm not mentioning the C word again until after Halloween) those numbers will edge a bit higher, while still maintaining their closeness. After all, as Vertis noted, men are catching the shopping online bug, too. It's a world made for online businesses. With Dick and Jane joining forces to buy, buy, buy, you have no reason not to win, win, win.

Go for the gold. Get in front of those influential female shoppers...and when they invite the men in their lives, offer them an evening of mad keyboarding. keyboard_blue2

In keeping with that thought...the one about men and women working together, shopping together, doing all manner of positive things together, do plan on tuning in tomorrow for Lip-sticking's extraordinary Smart Man Online interview. It's a treat you will most certainly learn from, and thoroughly enjoy.

What's not to like about that?


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